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Natasha Shuttleworth

Director Marketing & Communications

A seasoned marketing and communications strategist with over two decades of experience spanning across Europe and Asia, she combines a love of writing with creative vision to produce highly attuned marketing campaigns. Having worked for luxury brands and boutique resorts, she is a global nomad enjoying sharing the stories acquired on her extensive travels and weaving these threads into her work.

As a passionate lifelong learner, Natasha is interested in empowering individuals to bring to life their vision through creative and thoughtful communication strategies.

In her current role, she brings people together to share their passions and develop strong peer to peer relationships through powerful retreat programmes and thought leadership projects. Using creativity as a tool for authentic exchanges, she helps build communities of like-minded professionals to aid in knowledge acquisition and personal growth.

When not working she can be found with her head in a book, behind the lens of a camera or sourcing vintage maps and object d’arts for her eclectic home. She’s a keen advocate of wellbeing and the somatic benefits between movement and maintaining positive mental health.