Paresa Collection - Women in Leadership Retreat, Amanpuri, Thailand
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We pack a lot in our retreats designed for senior female executives – because we know they can handle it. And if you haven’t heard of it yet, here is your chance to join our low profile retreats with high profile business women we bring together.

Our mission and goal are for you to share knowledge with a select group of diverse female executives, elevating strengths  and build friendships with accomplished female entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Depending on your idea of retreat – you will have the option to retreat to your liking. Apart from gaining lots of insights through dialogues with inspiring fellow guests and renowned experts from business and lifestyle, we invite you to choose from options requiring –  “intention and execution” – of hanging in a hammock, sun-soaking, watersports, gentle yoga – and even more… indulging in a world-class spa program that specialises in aesthetic medicine and superlative service. We know we could do much better, but it’s a start. ☺ And when the week is over, you’ve had plenty of opportunity for benefiting from sounding boards of women like you with strength and wisdom to thrive your inner compass.

When we started out to launch retreats for women we had you in mind: mature, successful, experience-rich, well-traveled, smart and knowing your worth. For a few days each Spring and Fall we will hold unique Women in Leadership retreats as our very own “Limited Edition” – all in one magic place.

At all our retreats, we will handle on-site details ahead of your arrival and during your stay, so you can be mindless about the little things and assured that you are getting a quality and value service. Space is limited to a small group of participants and we recommend to apply early.

For registering your interest please contact us.  These exclusive retreats are by application only and subject to availability. An introductory application form will be sent to you following your request.

We take your private data seriously and electronic data received from you will not be used outside the intended purpose.

Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand

Discover exclusive lodging and well, highest services Aman is known for; healthy and delicious treats and own guided island discoveries. And did we mention, Thailand is the land of smiles?

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