Paresa Collection - Digital transformation retreat, Amansara, Cambodia
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We promised we return! So here we are, and excited to repeat our roundtable retreat in 2019 for a candid conversation on “Digital Transformation” uncovering impactful ways on you being an effective leader and how your business can benefit – no matter how small or big your company is. Bump into like-minded people and build relationships, exercise, indulge in fresh epicurean enjoyments, use the spa and come with us when we discover the local heritage and incredible scenery.

We will be scheduling multiple 3-day event dates for selection starting March 2019, moderated by prominent industry leaders and peppered with faculty expertise offering insights into recent research and application.

Why join an open program when you want to be with your crowd? Fear not. We are keeping some days blocked for your by-invite-only guests. It’s straightforward: you bring your guest, and we deliver the content toolbox. We promise days of remarkable experiences and the opportunity to upscale your knowledge and success.

Choose from our exclusive location in Laos where we will be staying at the Amantaka and Cambodia where we will be discussing and de-stressing at the Amansara.

The call-to-action is easy. Just drop us a note and we will attend to your questions straight away.

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