Paresa Collection - Exclusive Lotus Club
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Paresa Collection caters to individual and corporate clients and offers the advantages of a dedicated professional lifestyle manager, saving you time and money organising separate requests for yourself, your business partners or accompanying participants.


Paresa Collection - Lotus Club Reward


As respected Paresa Collection customers, you have an opportunity to join the Lotus Club, a growing community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for unique experiences. By joining and becoming a member of our community, you get unlimited access to professional services and exclusive benefits such as special privileges with our exclusive partner hotels and estates or exclusive benefits with selected partners at your destination. You can look forward to one-on-one service, personalised recognition and rewards, and other benefits that will change your lifestyle.

As part of our private membership community, Lotus members enjoy unique access to exclusive events throughout the year and can share experiences with a remarkable group of peers. Our Lotus program is currently available by invitation only.