Paresa Collection - Leaders and the lens

Like photography, when you trust your point of view in business, it propels you to take action for impact and organisational success. Drawing parallels from taking stunning photos, when you are intentionally attuned to your environment, you are likely to spot untapped opportunities for value creation.

A signature highlight of every Retreat by Paresa Collection, Leaders and Photography masterclasses present a unique leadership learning adventure that will take you out into local places rich in authenticity and natural wonder.

Whether you use your mobile phone or a DSLR camera, it is a hands-on experience to understand the meaningful connection between photography and business leadership. This includes framing of perspectives to sharpen leadership vision, learning to trust your point of view to heighten leadership confidence and to spark a renewed sense of curiosity about the world to inspire change.

Explore and uncover game-changing leadership acumen through the power of the lens.