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We dare to be different, we search for the new, exploring what’s possible.


Drawing from three decades as consultants in leadership and management and recognised globally for our quality services, value and integrity, we create and cultivate powerful conversations and shared insights with high-calibre business leaders and successful entrepreneurs from around the world.


Bringing it all together, we launched Paresa Collection as an explorative think tank for the inquiring mind combining it with invigorating wellbeing experience and time for slowing down in luxury comfort.


We enable all our signature think tanks to offer a highly enjoyable journal, the best insights of world-class thinkers enhancing work and life, reframing and exploring possibilities, and to make a difference for you in the ever so fast-changing world of our time.

Paresa Collection - Areas of work

We host at exceptional locations we carefully select, choosing environmentally friendly properties combining concepts of conscientious sustainability and luxury.


Each place is unique and with high-level facilities. It is where we bring to full bloom concepts and ideas taking you to the next level of personal growth by connecting you with leading faculty and experts on personal development, business and management.


And our think tanks are attentively attuned to let you slow down without unplugging you from your world completely with best possible accessibility available on location. It is your call.


Then, there is always something new to discover, and we invite you to experience and advance with the best minds and practitioners on holistic and healthy lifestyle topics.


What’s more,  we tailor exhilarating explorations according to location and in combination with the individual retreat concept. Complimenting, our renowned and award-winning photographers, artists and athletes will take you to find game changers to life and business through the lens of creativity, design and performance. Expect an inspirational experience.