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Paresa Collection offers highly curated programmes intended for small groups of discerning travellers seeking exclusive retreat experiences in a luxury environment.

We bridge experiences with inspiration and service.

  • Paresa Collection - Exclusive Membership
  • Paresa Collection - Exclusive Retreats


Retreats are a powerful way of seeking reflection and breakthrough or simply recalibrate body and mind. Whatever the aspiration, Paresa Collection provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences with an unparalleled immersion in some of the world’s most fabulous destinations.

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  • Paresa Collection - Adventure Experiences


Paresa Collection bespoke programs combine enriching, personalised wellbeing and lifestyle activities with specialty interests, including refined cultural and epicurean experiences.


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  • Paresa Collection - Exclusive Leadership Retreats & Club
  • Paresa Collection - Leadership Insights

Lotus Club

Paresa Collection Lotus Club is a growing community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for unique experiences to enrich their lifestyle.

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